Heavy vehicle simulator

Training operators in operating heavy equipment can be costly without the appropriate equipment. With the right training simulator, you will be able to significantly reduce training costs of your operators, improving safety as well as training efficiency. The ideal heavy equipment training simulator provides a wide variety of real time simulated tasks, tasks progression and the right tools to evaluate the simulated work with personal performance indicator. The simulation results are automatically saved, allowing the trainees to review the result and progress the training at their own pace without the need of extensive supervision. The training simulator also provides a safe platform to train new operators without any risk for injuries or accidents.

Bestech Australia supplies the heavy equipment training simulator from Simlog that features all the quality listed above. The Simlog heavy equipment personal simulator is designed with the intention to maximize training efficiency. It offers the possibility for the company to make better hiring decision through assessing skills competencies of pre-screening test to assess the manual dexterity, eye/hand coordination, depth perception and spatial reasoning of the new operators. The replica controls used in the personal simulator feature industrial strength components and operator chairs that are suitable for table top mounting. The replica controls can be re-used for to suit any personal simulator from SIMLOG.

Not only for new operators, the Simlog training simulator can also be used by experienced operators to refresh and sharpen their skills as well as discover their bad operating habits to develop the right skills. Wide variety of simulators are available including but not limited to hydraulic excavators training simulator, mining truck simulator, forklift simulator, backhoe loader simulator and many more. They are well suited for training operators involved in construction, forestry, logistics and mining.

The Simlog personal simulator delivers exceptional training efficiency through a modular instructional design that includes simulation modules of increasing difficulties to teach real skills to the operators for productive and safe operations in the field.