Infrared thermometer with laser sighting and video module

The thermoMETER CTVideo and CSVideo combines the laser sighting feature and video module for measuring in high temperature applications. The parallel use of crosshair laser sighting and video integration allow the sensor to view an optimal measuring field even when the sensor is used in an area where space is limited. These products have a very short response time of 1ms and can be easily integrated into an existing process. Their operating software also offers an automatic snapshot feature which can be useful in process monitoring applications as well as documentation of measurement results. The software is also equipped with signal processing capabilities and can be used for programming sensor parameters for any applications. This compact infrared sensor can also reliably measure on miniature or very small objects due to its excellent optical resolution. It is designed for metal processing applications such as measuring the temperature of hot metals, ceramics and composites materials.

Infrared thermometer with laser sighting and video module Overview