DAQ for Productive Testing

The concept of productive testing focuses on test and measurement productivity. The goal is for our customers to reach their goals faster and in a more efficient fashion. The data acquisition system sourced from the imc Test & Measurement GmbH is specifically developed for solving the test and measurement challenges in production, development and manufacturing. Our data acquisition system measures physical parameters and is capable of testing and analysing mixed signal captured during complex testing of mechanical and electromechanical system. Our data acquisition systems offer flexibility and scalability to cater for current and future testing requirements.

The data acquisition system consists of measurement hardware and software. The measurement hardware is available as a rack system or portable system for use in the field. The hardware system also offers modular configuration that can be assembled for customer-specific testing requirement. All the measured signal are read and displayed in the measurement software. The software can be configured to automate tasks as well as recording and playback the recorded signals.