WiLow – IoT Ready Sensor

ProductsMeasuring rangesSensitivityNon linearityFrequency responseSampling Rate
WiLow AX-3D
Ultra-Low-Power Wifi Accelerometer with built-in data logger
660mV/g for ±2g version
200mV/g for ±10g version
0.1% of Full scaleDC to 800Hz2000Hz per axis
WiLow Hi-Inc
Ultra-Low-Power Wifi Inclinometer with built-in data logger
0.001°±0.05° (optional ±0.02° upon request)DC to 28Hz1-100Hz
WiLow AX-3DS
Ultra-Low-Power Wifi Shock Sensor with built-in data logger
0.06mg/digit; ±2g version
0.12mg/digit; ±4g version
.06mg/digit; ±6g version
0.12mg/digit; ±8g version
0.12mg/digit; ±16g version
0.1% of Full scaleDC to 800Hz1600 Hz per axis
WiLow X-Inc
Ultra-Low-Power Wifi Combo Sensor (Accelerometer, Inclinometer and Shock Sensor) with built-in data logger

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Similar to BeanDevice, the WiLow product lines are also developed based on the MEMS technology. WiLow sensors integrate with the native MQTT (Message queuing Telemetry Transport) data frame. It is a lightweight and open-source (OASIS & ISO/IEC 20922:2016 standards) Internet of Things (IoT) protocol.

The MQTT enables the user to easily connect, configure and manage several WiLow sensors simultaneously from a software platform. The last will and testament feature can be used as an increased security feature. This allow the system to automatically notify users of an abnormal connection.

WiLow sensors is an IoT ready sensors that can be easily integrated to a third-party IoT platform. Please refer to the diagram below to understand the working principle of WiLow sensors

WiLow sensor architecture

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