Strain gauge DAQ

Strain that remains constant over time is called static strain, and is measured using static strainmeters. A static strainmeter can display static strain digitally because the values do not change during the measuring period. Moreover, a single strainmeter can switch rapidly to successively measure a large number of points.For more details pleases download product brochure.
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ProductsNumber of ChannelsMeasuring objectMeasuring speed (per channel)Power SupplyKey Features
Compact Multi-Recorder Strain Gauge Data Acquisition System Datasheet TMR-3008, up to 80 channels when a control unit TMR-311 is used to control 10 unitsStrain gauge, strain gauge type transducer, DC Voltage, Thermocouple0.01ms (100kHz)
  • DC 10-30 Volts, 0.6 Amps at maximum;
  • AC 100-240 Volts, 50/60Hz, 100VA at maximum
Combination of measurement units for various sensors; High resolution mode; Compact size, anti-vibration and DC drive, suitable for vehicle on-board measurement; Momentary data saving in case of power outage
Handheld splash waterproof digital data logger TC-32K1 (TC-32K only); 5 (combined with CSW-5B switching box)Strain, DC Voltage, Thermocouple, Rt RTD0.08 sec
  • 4 AA (LR6) Alkaline batteries;
  • 4 AA (Ni-Cd) rechargeable batteries (KR-AA);
  • exclusive AC adaptor 9-18Vdc
High brightness LCD and Easy operation with menu in Japanese or English; Standard interface USB and RS-232C provided; Measurement and setup data can be stored on compact flash card; Low power consumption
Portable Data Logger TDS-150100 (max. in conjunction with external switching boxes); 50 (in conjunction with 5 units of FSW-10)Strain, DC Voltage, Thermocouple, Pt RTD0.08 sec
  • LR20 Alkaline cell 4 pieces;
  • Exclusive AC adaptor (CR-1861);
  • External battery 9-18Vdc;
TEDs compatible; Strain complete compensation method available Possible long-term automatic measurement via sleep interval timer
TDS-5301000 (use with switching boxes)Strain, DC Voltage, Thermocouple, Pt RTD0.4 sec per 1000 channels (with IHW-50G)
  • AC85-250V, 50/60Hz;
  • 114VA (max.)
Colour LCD monitor with touch panel; RS-232C,USB2.0 or Ethernet LAN interfaces; Built-in high resolution mode of 0.1 microstrain
High performance data logger TDS-6301000 (use with switching boxes)Strain, DC Voltage, Thermocouple, Pt RTD0.1 sec per 50/200/500 channels (TML-LINK cable)
  • AC100-240V 50/60Hz;
  • 150VA (max.)
High speed; Connection of parallel communication unit (option); Colour LCD with touch panel; Simultaneous measurement of strain & temperature with 1 channel…
For more information, CONTACT US now with your application details.
For more information, CONTACT US now with your application details.
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