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  • Sensor Fusion Training and Simulation Wearable Suit

    The InertialLabs solution to wearable inertial sensors finds its applicability in the highly-efficient and accurate sensor fusion technology of training and wearable suits. The concept behind the technology is a specialised suit that focuses on the needs of the military.  This fusion of wearable inertial sensors making up a training and simulation suit amalgamates InertailLabs hardware, software. It blends the latest in line technology to the hardware and software and makes the multi-function suit a reliable and highly sensitive system.  InertialLabs, through its research and development, fashioned this premium technology to converge live training and tactical operations. This hybrid sensor fusion can integrate any position and orientation through its compact, low power and high accuracy system.  The practical applicability of this wearable inertial sensor suit includes the end user to deploy this in Live, Virtual, Constructive Training Systems, Augmented Reality Gaming Systems, Blue Force Tracking or even Medical Rehabilitation Systems. The high-precision technology can also be used in Ergonomics Analysis Systems, Forward Observer Augmented / VR Training Binocular, Full Body Motion Capture Systems, Human Performance Evaluation, Sports science and Motion Analysis System, Indirect Fire Weapons Trainers, Industrial Training Systems, Immersive Virtual Reality Gaming Systems and Dismounted Soldiers Training Systems (DSTS).
    Biometric Devices Real-time animation plugins for Unity, VBS2, WorldViz
    Positioners: Ultrasound, Ultra-wideband, Optical Motion Analysis Software
    Haptic Devices Biomechanics and human rehabilitation plugins
    Camera Systems Motion Capture Software
    Head Mounted and Heads Up Displays Medical Training Systems
    Radios – WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee Real-time casualty assessment (RTCA)
    Altimeter, Barometer, Humidity, Temperature, Atmospheric Sensors Weapon Ballistics Calculation Software
    Instrumented Weapons Human Health Monitoring
    USB Hubs Dismounted Soldier Training System Software (DSTS)
    Lightweight Handheld Mortar Ballistic Computer (LHMBC) Consumer Game Systems
    Small Arms Trainers
    Structured Light Systems
    Biometric Devices
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