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Off-highway truck personal simulator

The Off-Highway Truck Personal Simulator put the students under control of a modern road truck at simulated quarry site in interaction with a wheel loader. The work site for this simulation features scenarios involving driving challenges and interactive dumping and loading zones. The simulator trains the students on several real-world operating skills like corridor driving, dumping, loading and mini site driving. The new update provides improvements on graphics quality, refinements to the haul trucks, dashboard, quarry as well as new simulated physics with several levels of wet or slippery driving conditions.

Included simulation modules:
  • Controls Familiarization
  • Corridor Driving 1
  • Corridor Driving 2
  • Corridor Driving 3
  • Mine Site Driving 1
  • Mine Site Driving 2
  • Dumping
  • Loading
  • Complete Haul Cycle
  • Complete Haul Cycle 2
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