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  • Inductive-linear sensor LDR serieswith plunger LDR-10-..LDR-50-
  • Inductive-linear sensor LDR serieswith plunger LDR-10-..LDR-50-

    Linear inductive displacement and position sensors based on electrimagnetic, eddy current, and magnetic inductive effects are extensively used in applications where setup and process time is shortened for convenience, operational readinewss and safety is enhensed and therefore production capacity is improved. induSensors Series are used successfully in both single and high volume OEM industrial applications.For more details pleases download product brochure here.
    Measuring ranges
      • 10- 50 mm
      • ± 0.3 % F.S.O.
      • Linearity max. 0.025mm
      • Sensibility max. 51mV/Vmm
      • Operating temperature range up to 160°C
      • Compact and short sensor construction
      • Small sensor diameter
      • High signal quality
      • For space restricted applications
    LVDTs EDS (based on eddy current effect)LVP & VIP (Patented parallel mounting)VIP series with measuring ring 
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