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Hydraulic Excavator Simulator

The Hydraulic Excavator Simulator is a multi-purpose simulator tool aimed at providing the students with training to control a sophisticated heavy machinery that interacts with an articulated dump truck. The work site of this simulator is a dynamic terrain that closely mimic the material and environment encountered in real-life situation. The Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator is ideal in teaching and demonstrating correct operation skills of real hydraulic excavators such as trench crossing, bench loading, ramp building etc. The simulators also include a USB-connected replica controls pedal unit that has the same shape and similar toe-down/heel-down action compared to real-sized hydraulic excavator pedals. This further enhances the training effectiveness and enables the trainees to learn the correct hands-feet coordination skills required to operate the real equipment.

The excavator models simulator is included with the following simulation modules:

  • Controls Familiarization
  • Excavator Positioning
  • Raking the Green, for coordinating the movements of the boom, stick, and bucket
  • Over the Moon, that adds the coordinated movement of the swing
  • Bench Climbing/Descending
  • Trench Crossing, with “boom jacking”
  • Single-Pass Dig and Dump
  • Trenching
  • Trench and Load
  • Bench Loading with Truck Spotting
  • Bench Loading with Truck Spotting – Boulders
  • Ramp Building
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