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Hydraulic excavator personal simulator

The Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator is a multi-purpose simulator tools aims at providing the students with training to control of sophisticated machine that interacts with an articulated dump truck. The work site of this simulator is a dynamic terrain made with life-like material. The Hydraulic Excavator Personal Simulator is ideal in teaching the students some real-world operating skills such as trench crossing, bench loading, ramp building etc. A USB-ready replica controls pedal unit is also available with the same shape and toe-down/heel-down action of real-sized hydraulic excavator pedals. This further enhances the training effectiveness and enables the trainees to learn the correct hands-feet coordination skills required to operate the real hydraulic excavator.

Included simulation modules:
  • Controls Familiarization
  • Excavator Positioning
  • Raking the Green, for coordinating the movements of the boom, stick, and bucket
  • Over the Moon, that adds the coordinated movement of the swing
  • Bench Climbing/Descending
  • Trench Crossing, with “boom jacking”
  • Single-Pass Dig and Dump
  • Trenching
  • Trench and Load
  • Bench Loading with Truck Spotting
  • Bench Loading with Truck Spotting – Boulders
  • Ramp Building
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