High Speed DAQ

The high-speed DAQ (data acquisition system) is a combination of measurement hardware and software capable for measuring dynamic behavior. The TraNET measuring instrument can be paired with all ranges of TPC DAQ cards and providing sampling rate of up to 240 MSps (Mega Samples per second) at 14-bit and 16-bit resolution. The data collected from the hardware is visualized with the TranAX 4 universal data acquisition software. For military applications, BallAX4 data acquisition software is specifically programmed for ballistic testing.

The high speed DAQ (data acquisition system) product lines from Elsys offer a high precision measurement of 0.03% with robust measurement technology. They are available in a compact, portable and a 19-inch rack mounted design to suit a wide range of application requirements. These high-speed DAQ systems have been used in numerous industry, such as power, automotive, rail, defense and military. Some example of the applications include:

  • Measuring electrical switching effects
  • Monitoring ignition sequences in automobiles
  • Ballistic and explosive testings
  • Vibration and Acoustic analysis

Data Visualization

Data collected through the hardware can be viewed and processed through TranAX4 software. The software is easy to use and easy to install. The user can quickly configure as many number of input channels required without prior knowledge of programming. It also gives the user the capabilities for FFT analysis and curve fitting for further analysis. The data can be easily exported to HDF5, ASCII or customer-specific data formats.Another data visualization software from Elsys, BallAX4, is used for ballistic testing. The data can be collected from firearms, guns, artillery, projectiles and grenades. These data aid in determining the accuracy and consistency of a projectile before it exits the firearm. It also offers video synchronization feature for real-time visualization.

Products NameNo of ChannelMaximum Sampling Speed (per channel)FeaturesApplications
Modular, Ethernet Based DAQ TraNET FE Datasheet16 channel SE; 8 channel Diff2-240MHz
  • Continuous data recording
  • Multi device synchronization
  • Remote control over TCP/IP protocol
  • Stand Alone operation
  • Automotive injection system monitoring
  • Explosive & Ballistic testing
  • R&D
Portable, high-speed data recorder TraNET PPC DatasheetUp to 24 channel SE; 12 Channel DiffUp to 240MHz @ 14-bit resolution Up to 60MHz @ 16-bit resolution
  • Continuous data recording
  • Unique event-controlled recording
  • High precision measurement at harsh enviroment
  • Portable usage for simultaneous multiple channel measurement
  • Ballistics, Acoustic Testing
  • Emission Testing
19-inch rack-mounted DAQ with high channel density TraNET EPCUp to 64 channel SE; 32 channel DiffUp to 240MHz per channel
  • Robust housing
  • Scalable devices
  • Multiple device synchronization with Elsys Synclink box
High precision measurement in industrial environment
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