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Forklift personal simulator

The Forklift Personal Simulator lets the trainees control typical sit-down, controlbalance factory forklift with rear-wheel steering. The simulator is ideal for training scenarios such as factory, warehouse and distribution center environments. Along with the truck bay, the simulator also features a variety of loads and shelving arrangements. The Forklift Personal Simulator teaches a variety of real-world operating skills such as ramp driving, loading docks, etc. It is designed to provide more flexibility to train operators with different levels of skills.

Included simulation module:

  • Controls Familiarization
  • Slalom 1, for driving forwards with standard loads
  • Slalom 2, for driving forwards with oversized loads
  • Slalom 3, for driving in reverse with extra tall loads
  • Ramp Driving, for driving forwards and backwards up and down ramps, with and without loads
  • Loading Docks 1 – Loading/Unloading Single Rows
  • Loading Docks 2 – Loading Double Rows
  • Loading Docks 3 – Unloading Double Rows
  • Loading Docks 4 – Loading Double Rows, with Stacking
  • Loading Docks 5 – Unloading Double Rows, with Stacking
  • Loading Docks 6 – Loading, to Maximize Cube Utilization
  • Selective Pallet Racks 1 – Low Shelves, to work with loads lower down on the factory floor and the first shelf
  • Selective Pallet Racks 2 – Mixed Shelves, to also work with loads higher up on the second and third (top) shelves
  • Working with Drive-In / Drive-Through Racks
  • Working with oversized loads and Cantilever Racks and a Flatbed Truck, positioned outside
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