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Endevco 2262A | Fluid damped piezoresistive accelerometer

The Endevco 2262A is a DC-response, fluid damped piezoresistive accelerometer that provide low impedance output with 10Vdc excitation. This output level is sufficiently high to drive most data acquisition systems, recording devices and low frequency galvanometers without the need for signal amplification. The range of usable frequency response offered by 2262A is also extended as viscous damping minimises the effect of spurious, high frequency vibrations. This Piezoresistive accelerometer is ideal to be used in transportation environmental testing and transient acceleration measurement on structural members.  
Key Features:
  • Measurement range: 1000 g to 2000 g
  • Sensitivity: 0.25 to 0.50 mV/g
  • Frequency Response: DC to 3000 Hz
  • 500mV full scale output
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