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  • Contact capacitive sensor
  • Contact capacitive sensor

    The contact capacitive displacement sensor from ElastiSense, EDS Series , is designed based on a hyper-elastic, stretchable strain gauge that produce change in capacitance upon being stretched. Its flexible design makes it possible to obtain both linear and off-axis measurement in all directions. With the maximum sampling rate of 10kHz, this sensor is ideal for fast and dynamic measurement tasks for industrial automation and process monitoring applications.

    The EDS sensor is a contact capacitive displacement sensor that can be used either as a standalone or daisy-chained system. During operation, the sensor operates by being stretched which generate change in the capacitance. Based on this change, the displacement of the structure or object can be calculated. It has a flexible design enabling both linear and off-axis measurements in all three directions. The sensor itself is robust and capable of withstanding high level of shock and vibration. It also offers low cost alternative due to the absence of the sliding parts in the sensor. With low installation and maintenance costs, the EDS sensor is a cheap alternative to the LVDT’s.

    The sensor is also available as a plug and play autonomous data collection system. This can be achieved through connecting one or two EDS sensor to a data acquisition unit. This Portable Test Kit (PTK) offers precise measurement to the user without having to invest in a large system.

    Example of Applications

    ProductsMeasurement rangesMeasurement RateSpecial features & Application
    EDS Series – Contact Capacitive displacement Sensor Datasheet


    Up to 10kSamples per second

    – Condition monitoring – Predictive maintenance – Analytics and R&D – Industrial process automation

    PTK – Portable Test Kit Datasheet


    Selectable in steps from 10Hz to 1kHz

    -Autonomous data collection system -Plug and Play unit

    The EDS sensor has a capacitive sensing element that is made of a hyper-elastic, stretchable elastomer strain-gauge. When stretched by a machine or a structure, the sensor will produce a change in capacitance. This change is measured and converted to displacement. Please review the video below to understand the working principle of the sensor.

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