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  • Computer Controlled Electrical Training and Assessment Panel

    The Bestech 710 computer controlled electrical training and assessment panel is specifically designed for capstone testing in Certificate III in Electro-Technology Electrician (UEE30811). This electrical training and assessment panel represents a low voltage electrical installation and equipped with the capability to remotely insert wiring faults. Multiple 710A panel can be interfaced together and simultaneously controlled.

    The new updates include a new browser-based SCORM/LMS compliance software that is specially designed for guided training in the classroom. Instructors can control and activate faults on any one board or group of boards within a daisy-chained network from a single PC. This is to ensure that none adjacent board have the same faulting scenario.

    Key Features:

    • Testing & Verification to UEENEEG105A
    • 35 Faults Give Thousands of Faulting Scenarios
    • Includes Sub Main & 3 Phase Load
    • Disconnect/Connect Electrical Device
    • Extra Low Voltage Live Phase Rotation Test
    • Remote Capstone Test Software Available
    • Multiple 710A Panels Can be Daisy Chained
    • Australian Designed & Manufactured
    The main board consists a main switchboard, a sub-main distribution board, earthing arrangement and multiple circuits for lighting power and appliances. Faults can be activated or deactivated on these circuits for compliance test.

    Faulting Capabilities:

    • Earth continuity
    • Insulation resistances
    • Incorrect connection including short circuits
    • Incorrect polarities
    • Earth fault-loop impedance
    • Extra low voltage 3 phase rotation
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