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Compressible Fluid Flow

Compressible Fluid Flow

Model/ Module

F100 Air Flow System Optional Extras: F100J Principles of Airflow, Pressure And Velocity Distribution F100K Principles of Airflow, Friction Losses In Bends And Pipe Elements F100M Principles of Airflow, Fan Test And Flow Measurement – F300 Compression Flow System Optional Extras: F300A Nozzle Performance Test Unit F300B Nozzle Pressure Distribution Unit F300C Experimental Impulse Turbine F300D Experimental Reaction Turbine F300E Fluidisation and Fluid Bed Heat Transfer Module F300G Compressible Flow, Pipe Friction Module FC301A Data Acquisition Upgrade – F860 Single Stage Compressor Test Unit – F865 Two Stage Compressor Test Set



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