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Backhoe Loader Personal Simulator

The Backhoe Loader Personal Simulator by Simlog is the industrial standard simulator used for training Heavy Equipment operators. The trainees are put at the control of a backhoe loader in a typical construction site. Instructor will be able to modify the 3-D modelling and set the number of lift arm cylinders. A modular instructional design is built in the simulator that trains the students to carry out productive and safe operations in the workplace. This training simulator is also loaded with up to 9 simulation modules with increasing difficulties for students to practice with. Up to 62 performance indicators can be precisely measured with the automatic performance measurement indicators.

Included Simulation module:
  • Controls Familiarization
  • Bucket Positioning, for driving forwards and backwards with separate targets for the loader and backhoe buckets
  • Stockpiling, to move material from a digging zone to a dumping zone with the loader bucket
  • Truck Loading – Loader, using rocks
  • Following Grade, with the backhoe
  • Truck Loading – Backhoe, using rocks
  • Trenching
  • Exposing Underground Utilities – Parallel, piping is aligned with  the positioning of the Backhoe Loader
  • Exposing Underground Utilities – Perpendicular
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