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Analogue & Digital

Data Acquisition is a process of acquiring analogue signals from one or more transducers and converting the sampled signals into digital numeric values which can be manipulated by a computer. Therefore, transducers sensing physical phenomena convert parameters to raw electrical signals, while signal conditioning circuitry improves the linearity of the raw signals so that they can be accurately converted to digital values. An Analogue-to-Digital converter (ADC) formats the sampled signals into digital values to enable computer reading, software analysis and network communications. The analogue-to-digital converter is considered as the key device of a Data Acquisition System (DAS or DAQ).

A Data Logger is a data acquisition system that doesn’t rely on a computer for the initial storage of data, and can range from 1 or 2 channels to complex multi-channel instruments.

ALMEMO® data acquisition systems are modular and can be individually configured for your specific measuring task. ALMEMO data loggers feature intelligent input connectors that can connect any sensors and store all specific probe characteristics. Once a sensor is connected, the ALMEMO measuring system automatically indicates the measuring range and the measured value. No resetting of data loggers is required when sensor is changed.


  • High resolution and accuracy;
  • External memory connector and micro SD card;
  • Sleep mode for long-term recording;
  • Rechargeable battery changing via device itself (optional);
  • High speed charging model for selection;
  • Wall mounting available;
  • Multi-lingual menus;
Validyne Universal Data Acquisition System(UDAS)

• Direct Sensor Input to Your PC via USB
• 16-bit Resolution, 100 KHz Conversion Rate
• 16 Input Channels, Sensor Excitation Provided
• Auto-Zero Capability for Better Accuracy
• Accepts Any Mix or Combination of Sensor Inputs Thermocouples, RTDs
Strain Gages, LVDTs, VR Sensors Potentiometers, DC Volts
• Data Acquisition Software Included

Products Measuring ranges A/D converter Protection class Measured value memory Operating temperature
ALMEMO® 2450, Base model Measuring Instrument, Compact, 1 Input (4 channels) 35 Delta-sigma, 15 bit resolution IP54 -10 to +60 ℃
ALMEMO® 2470 Universal Datalogger with Colour screen alarms for limit value monitoring, Compact >=65 Delta-sigma, 24bit resolution, low power, 2,2.5, or 10 mops IP54 Up to 100,000 internal or 30 million values with external SD card -10 to +60 ℃
ALMEMO® 2490, Measuring Instrument, Compact, 1 or 2 inputs (up to 8 channels) >=65* Delta-sigma, 16 bit resolution IP54 100 manually logged -10 to +60 ℃
ALMEMO® 2590 Universal Datalogger, Compact, 2~4 inputs (up to 20 channels) >=65 Delta-sigma, 16 bit resolution, 2.5 or 10 mops IP54 12,000 and options to plug SD card -10 to +60 ℃
ALMEMO® 2690, Multi-function Datalogger, handheld, 5 inputs (up to 24 channels) >=65 Delta-sigma, 24 bit resolution, Low power, Up to 100 mops IP54 Internal EEPROM for 200,000 values and options to plug SD card -10 to +60 ℃
ALMEMO® 2890, Multi-function Datalogger, handheld, 9 inputs (up to 40 channels) >=65 Delta-sigma, 24 bit resolution EEPROM for 100,000 values -10 to +60 ℃
ALMEMO® 5690, Universal DAQ with Plug-in boards, from 9 to 99 inputs (up to 99 channels) >=65 Delta-sigma, 24 bit resolution Internal 512-KB EEPROM 100,000 values -10 to +60 ℃
ALMEMO® 5790, Industrial housing with IP 65, Universal datalogger, up to 29 inputs >=65 Delta-sigma, 24 bit resolution IP65 Internal 512-KB EEPROM 100,000 values -10 to +60 ℃
ALMEMO® 8590/8690, Universal Data acquisition module, 9 inputs (up to 40 channels) >=65 Delta-sigma, 24 bit resolution None, optional Internal EEPROM for 100,000 values,or SD card -10 to +60 ℃
ALMEMO® 6290, Data logger with Built-in printer and ring memory, 2 inputs (up to 8 channels) >= 65 Multi-slope inegrating, 16 bit, prints 40 characters per line, 0.6 lines/s Internal 100,000 values -10 to +60 ℃
ALMEMO® 2790 Measuring instrument with integrated bluetooth, Compact, 1 input >=65* Delta-sigma, 16 bit resolution IP54 -10 to +60 ℃


* some ranges have limited span


N.B. All but some 2450 and 2490’s have 2 outputs (supporting optional bluetooth, RS232, USB, Ethernet, RS485, Networking, analogue output, trigger inputs)

There are a few types of ADC and which one to choose depends on required speed resolution. 
  • Please download measurement ranges hereFor more information, CONTACT US now with your application details.

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