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New Economical and Portable Mechanical Shake Table ANCO R-101


Bestech Australia is excited to announce the release of the new inexpensive shake table from ANCO, the ANCO R-101. The R-101 is a purely mechanical 1 DOF horizontal shaker table for demonstration of earthquake engineering, vibration, and system dynamic studies. Users can operate this system by pulling the lever back and release it by hand, as seen in the video below. The design of this shaker table causes it to response to the excitation with a multi-frequency random-type signal similar to those in an earthquake. Therefore, teachers can use this system to help students in understanding the basic concepts of earthquake motion by performing various experiments.

The ANCO R-101 educational shaker table is developed as cost-effective version of the PC-controlled R-191 shaker table. This low-cost system can be used not only for demonstration of basic earthquake and vibration but can also be used for industrial research and testing.

The system consists of a 25 x 30 cm Table top that can be easily mounted to a laboratory bench, desk, shop table, or floor. The table top is equipped with tapped hole grid to enable test item attachment. Even better, it does not require electric power, as it is a purely mechanical shake table. Moreover, the table has a frequency range of operation between 2 to 9 Hz and a peak displacement of +/- 3 cm.

The equipment comes with a comprehensive user instruction manual that includes suggested educational experiments. Concepts including the nature of structural damping, energy distribution in an earthquake motion, and their effect on structural response can be easily demonstrated through this system. In addition, instructors can help students understand the effectiveness of the proper design and safety measures of non-structural equipment in a home or office. Besides, instructors do not have to worry about assembling the table as the R-101 is shipped 100% assembled per manual instructions

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