DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeters) & DTA (Differential Thermal Analyzer)

DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeters) & DTA (Differential Thermal Analyzer) are designed to investigate the physical property and understand the behaviour of material under controlled temperature programme derived from the principle of heat flow. Heat flow represents the exchange of thermal energy from high to low temperatures. Differential Scanning Calorimetry is one of the most frequently employed Thermal Analysis methods that is used to analyse energetic effect occurring in a solid or liquid during thermal treatment. Differential Thermal Analyser is used for studying phase transition and heat change measurements finding applications in material science, metallurgy, pharmacy and food industries.


Differential Thermal Analysis uses a reference heated constantly in one furnace together with the sample and measures the temperature difference between the testing sample and the reference material during programmed heating/cooling cycles. While Differential Scanning Calorimetry measures the change of the difference in the heat flow rate to the substance and to a reference material when they are subject to a controlled temperature program.

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During a phase transition, a temperature difference (heat flux difference) between the sample and reference can be measured by means of a thermocouple.

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With DSC technique, a sample is placed inside a crucible which is then placed inside the furnace of the DSC system along with a reference pan which is normally empty. By applying a controlled temperature program (heating or cooling at constant rates), caloric changes can be measured.

DSC and DTA can be equipped with different sensor types and are designed for routine applications in quality control, failure analysis and process optimization.

NETZSCH DSC instruments have a three dimensional symmetrical design with homogeneous heating featuring sensors with high calorimetric sensitivity. Short time constants and a condensation-free sample chamber in the DSC cell guarantee high detection sensitivity as well as stable, reproducible baselines over the entire life cycle of an instrument.

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  • Determination of onset, peak, inflection and end temperatures;
  • Automatic peak search;
  • Transformation enthalpies: analysis of peak areas with selectable baseline and partial peak area analysis;
  • Evaluation of crystallization;
  • Comprehensive glass transition analysis;
  • Automatic baseline correction;
  • Specific heat determination.

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